LGBTQIA Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in 2022-2023 to a currently enrolled UMKC student.

The UMKC LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, and ally) Leadership Scholarship supports all students regardless of gender or sexual diversity, who are or will be enrolled in any degree program at UMKC. The scholarship seeks to award students who have demonstrated leadership and/or involvement toward the advancement of LGBTQIA equity and inclusion at UMKC or in their community.

Eligible students will
a) have worked toward the advancement of LGBTQIA equity through leadership efforts,
b) demonstrate continued or future efforts to improve the experience of the LGBTQIA community at UMKC,
c) be in good academic standing,
d) be enrolled full-time, and
e) demonstrate financial need (through the FAFSA).

These efforts include but are not limited to:
• Working to establish an informed and civically engaged LGBTQIA community at UMKC.
• Actions to educate the non-LGBTQIA community on the daily-lived experiences of the LGBTQIA community at UMKC or local community.
• Efforts to educate, inform, and engage the UMKC community about the intersecting identities that make up the UMKC LGBTQIA community.

If selected as an LGBTQIA Leadership Scholar, recipients will need to demonstrate continued involvement in a number of campus or community engagement opportunities. These may include:
• Serving as a peer educator on campus LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau panels.
• Maintaining a leadership position in an LGBTQIA student organization.
• Demonstrating volunteer commitments to campus or community LGBTQIA support organizations.
• Organizing LGBTQIA inclusive programs in collaboration with LGBTQIA Programs & Services.

Supplemental Questions
  1. LGBTQIA Leadership Scholarship
    • 1. Chosen Name
    • 2. Gender Pronouns
    • 3. Please upload a personal essay demonstrating your LGBTQIA Leadership Efforts through involvement, education, or engamement toward LGBTQIA advancement and inclusion. This essay should indicate goals for future UMKC leadership endeavors.
    • 4. Letter of Recommendation